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Monk In Meditation
Limited-Edition: 200

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Framed Print w/ Remarque
15" x 16.5"


Remarqued Print Only
10.5" x 12"

Frame Style



What are Remarques?

Remarques are personal illustrations drawn by hand directly onto the limited edition print, in which the artist highlights a detail of the print. Each remarque is a custom drawing, and can dramatically increase the visual impact of your print, as well as its value, due to this unique feature.  

Description of this Artwork

Inspired by a gold-gilded bronze funerary mask. Liao Dynasty, 907 to 1125 A.D. The funerary masks found in Liao burials appear to reflect the facial features, age, and sex of the interred.

The mask Bogdanoff used for this fresco was found in Naiman Banner, Zhelimu League. The original mask was made of bronze sheets, which were assembled and then gilded. The face has curved eyebrows over closed eyes, the bridge of the nose is somewhat flat, and the cheekbones and mouth denote a faint smile. The body on which this spectacular piece was found was wrapped in a mesh of gold and silver wire. The mask is one of the largest Qidan funerary masks found in Inner Mongolia to date.

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