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Limited-Edition: 420

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Framed Print w/ Remarque
21.25" x 22.5"


Remarqued Print Only
12.25" x 15.5"

Frame Style

Frame Detail


What are Remarques?

Remarques are personal illustrations drawn by hand directly onto the limited edition print, in which the artist highlights a detail of the print. Each remarque is a custom drawing, and can dramatically increase the visual impact of your print, as well as its value, due to this unique feature.  

(close-up of remarque)

Description of this Artwork

Inspired by the most notable of the Minoan pottery styles, the Marine Style, Bogdanoff has incorporated colors similar to that reflected in his Flying Fish fresco. Here we see accentuation on the protuberant head, suction cups of the waving tentacles and the large gazing eyes of the octopus, while assorted sea plants float amid the creature. The octopus, a favorite topic of design painted by Minoan artists, mostly adorned stirrup jars.

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