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Limited-Edition: 200

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(matted print)

Matted Print Only
12.5" x 15.375"

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(frame sample)

Framed Matted Print
13.375" x 16.25"
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What are Remarques?

Remarques are personal illustrations drawn by hand directly onto the limited edition print, in which the artist highlights a detail of the print. Each remarque is a custom drawing, and can dramatically increase the visual impact of your print, as well as its value, due to this unique feature.  

Description of this Artwork

Inspired by detail from the Blue Bird fresco, a garden fresco from the "House of the Frescoes" on the "Royal Road," north of the Palace of Minos at Knossos.

A blue bird is shown in a tranquil setting amongst vegetation.

Here, Bogdanoff's interpretation has incorporated the similarities between Crete and the Orient as reflected in the foliage design.

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