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Flying Fish No. 3
Limited-Edition: 200

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(matted print)

Matted Print Only
15.75" x 12.125"

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Framed Matted Print
16.625" x 13"
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What are Remarques?

Remarques are personal illustrations drawn by hand directly onto the limited edition print, in which the artist highlights a detail of the print. Each remarque is a custom drawing, and can dramatically increase the visual impact of your print, as well as its value, due to this unique feature.  

Description of this Artwork

Inspired by a Cretan wall mural at Phylakopi in Melos, c. 1500 B.C., this fresco is a solid example of the Cretans' portrayal of a marine life nature scene. The composition consists of fish with wing-like fins, gliding through the water amongst strange-shaped objects, which may be interpreted as floating pebbles, and rocks lining the sea floor. Other designs here may represent seaweed. The blue, yellow and white colors were commonly used in many frescoes during the late Minoan/early Mycenaean era.

Through a complexity of highlight and shadow, Bogdanoff creates a fossil-like appearance to his fish, which give the fresco a contrast of the free-flowing movement of sealife and, at the same time, the illusion that the fish have been imbedded in rock, frozen in time.

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